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DW Morgan Company helps the world’s top manufacturers transform and operate their in-transit business processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. With nearly 30 years as a global logistics and transportation provider, Morgan has built a unique ability to drive change in complex, global, outsourced supply chains. Services include:

In Transit Process Transformation. DWM assesses end-to-end visibility, bringing its technology tools and processes to any gaps in the supply chain. With a complete data set, it analyzes current operations and identifies opportunities to eliminate time and inventory, increase utilization and orchestrate the actions of all suppliers. Then, DWM works with current suppliers, adds its own operations where appropriate and manages the new in-transit process to ensure best results.

Inventory On Demand. The cost of carrying inventory is one of a manufacturing enterprises biggest opportunities for savings. With this first-of-its-kind solution, Morgan takes ownership of its clients’ goods throughout portions of the supply chain. This can include raw materials, work in progress and finished goods. This frees up capital and management attention for the client. And, it allows Morgan to work with the client’s current suppliers or introduce its own operations to create maximum efficiency and availability.


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